Friday, 25 October 2013

About me :)

Ok, so this is my first blog and I don't really know what to write so I'm just going to start with things about me, hope you like it :)

Full name - Freya aige Eleanor Jazmin
Nickname - Freybo ( or bubbliee )
Age - 13
Location - England
Looks - brunette hair, hazel/blue-ish eyes, tall, average weight, just got glasses 8-)
Personality - quite quiet until you get to know me, then I'm loud, bubbly (hense my username) but I also have a sensitive side and I am quite trustworthy and understanding
bestfriend - I don't have one..
Relationship status - single..

Favourites :)

colour - baby blue
name - Paige
number - 3
male actor - Ian Somerhalder
Female actor - Nina Dobrev
drink - milk (don't ask)
food - chicken royal, medium fries and a coke ( I know ) all from burger king
T.v Series - Vampire diaries
film - spirited away
thing to do - sketch <3 or play the piano? I don't know which
memory - When I got my first high grade in an art lesson

Ok, so that's just a little about me, hopefully anough for you nosy sods! So I was hoping that this would be some kind of ranting blog since I need to let off steam and don't really know how, except write it down, or punch a wall which I don't really want to do (too much pain!) so I hope you enjoy my ranting sessions!

Freybo xx

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